Elizabeth & Alistair Wedding : 18 June 2008

The Wedding Reception........ Click here for the Before the Wedding and here for At the Church

Elizabeth and Alistair arrive back from church in 1949 vintage bus. Elizabeth and Alistair under the garland at the Falcons front door.
A row of bubble blowers greet Alistair and Elizabeth off the bus. Finally it's apertif time : Danielle, Rob, Alistair, Anthony and José.
Elizabeth and Alistair in bubbles. [Pritch-Pix] Elizabeth drives the wedding bus. [Pritch-Pix] Anthony and Granny sit down for dinner.
Mr and Mrs Pritchard (and two butterflies) on standby for dinner. Anthony, Granny and Mary-Ann in the marquee dining room.
Elizabeth on the wedding bus outside the church [Photo: Pritch-Pix] Parents arriving back home after the wedding [Photo: Pritch-Pix]
Alistair, Elizabeth and Granny with flower bouquet after dinner Jörg and Mary-Ann and two nearly empty champagne glasses
Anneliese, Len and wedding ceremony chello-soloist Stephanie Granny, Mary-Ann, Gota and Jörg, with Anneliese in background
Gota/Luise and Mama share a joke at the end of the wedding party. Elizabeth and Alistair take a knife to the wedding cake.
Matching flowers : Nigel and Alistair Midnight taxi service : Martin and Anthony drive Granny and Gota.
Click here for Before the Wedding and here for At the Church