Auntie Gwen's Tea Party - Grand Hotel, Folkestone

Wednesday, 15th November 2006

Auntie Gwen's tea-party in the conservatory at the Grand Hotel. Grand Hotel - Folkestone, with conservatory. Fine weather too!
Valerie, Richard, Anneliese, Tony, Margaret, Stephen and Michael. Valerie, Richard, Anneliese, Tony, Stephen, Jackie, Margaret, Nigel and Lisa.
Jackie and Anneliese. Majorie, Lesley (hidden), Rupert and Richard (back-view).
Michael Chapman with a wonky tea cup. Rupert concentrates on pouring a cup of tea.
Stephen, Valerie and Majorie. Margaret, Stephen, Valerie and Richard.
Who's Who? Collection of family photos from Auntie Gwen. Margaret, Stephen, Valerie and Richard (back-view!)
Stephen, Margaret, Valerie, Richard, Rupert and Majorie. Michael Chapman.
Master of Ceremonies: Tony Chapman. Grand Hotel conversatory - party's over. Now it's time to go home.