Granny's 95th Birthday : 11 May 2007
Granny with Anneliese having a Birthday tea at The Lodge on Friday 11th May 2007. Mike and Granny at The Lodge, getting ready to set off for a Chinese meal at the Regent on Saturday evening.
Anthony and Granny in the garden. Anthony and Granny at the conservatory. Granny at the front door of The Lodge.
Anthony enjoying a joke at Granny's Birthday Dinner in the Regent. Anthony and Granny serving starters at the Regent Chinese.
Granny with wine glasses and a tea-pot at the Birthday Dinner. Mike giving some useful ad-hoc teacher training tips.
Granny with Mary-Ann and Elizabeth at Sunday lunchtime. Mama checks that the lamb roast is cooking for Sunday lunch.
Sunday lunch : Granny, Anneliese, Martin and Mary-Ann. Granny opens her Planet Earth present with Elizabeth.
Anneliese, Elizabeth and Granny having Sunday Tea. Pre-Sunday lunch discussion: Anthony, Martin and Alistair.
Anneliese and Anthony at Gatwick Airport (South Terminal). Anthony completing his course-work over the Birthday Weekend.