Bell's Luncheon Party : 9 Little London : Chichester : July 2007
Rosie, Kate, Anneliese, Maggie and Teresa outside 9 Little London, Chichester - July 2007. Graham, Jenny and Rosie in the local Thai Restaurant venue of the Bell's luncheon party in Chichester in July 2007.
Anneliese and James admire the special family photo table mats. Andrew, Anneliese and Cathy in the garden at Little London.
Andrew, Carol and James make their way to the restaurant. Cathy, Graham and the assembled guests and bottles at table.
Carol and Andrew in the restaurant Tea-time in Little London : Cathy, Kerr, Graham and Rosie.
Putting on the kettle in Little London: Cathy, Maggie and Jenny. Cathy, Teresa, Anneliese and James and the family photo mats.
Anneliese and Carol in the Thai restaurant just round the corner from Little London - venue of the Bell's Party - July 2007. Anneliese, Teresa, Rosie, Maggie and Kate on the way home after lunch just round the corner from Little London in Chichester.
Anneliese, James (taking a photo), Kate, Rosie and Maggie. Kerr and Cathy at lunch in Thai restaurant
Kerr, Cathy, Carol and Andrew with selection of bottles at table. Back from lunch : Kerr and Rosie in the garden at Little London.
Family gathering : Rosie, Jenny, James and Anneliese. Walking to lunch just around the corner at end of Little London.
Cathy with a tea-cup in Little London garden. Kerr with a glass in Little London garden. Teresa with a plate of cakes in the garden.