Wels House Visit : Jan 2008
Self-drive taxi ride from Flachau to visit the house in Wels. Arriving at the front door of the Schleissheim Forsting house.
Group inspects the building room by room. Mary-Ann shows where the heating pipes come into the house.
Bright picture-window view from lounge across the adjacent field Herr and Frau Pf arrive with hot Gluhwein and Christmas biscuits.
Mary-Ann and Jörg on the roof as Hr Pf climbs out onto the roof. Anthony hops out onto roof to admire the view of Wels in distance.
Trap-door makes access to the roof easy. Laundry chute down to the wash-room. Chute comes down to the wash-room area.
House with open sun patio area, surrounded by frosty clay soil. Hr Pf views the house as Mary-Ann shows Mama around garden.
The inspection team prepares to leave the house. Keep your feet off the new floors until the screeding has dried!
Mrs C and Frau Pf admire the house. The 30 kph limit starts outside front door! Hr Pf strolls along the road in front of house.
Elizabeth and Anthony check out the geo-thermal heating supplier. Side-view of the house, showing how the garden has been levelled.