Granny's 96th Birthday : 11 May 2008
Three grand-children with Granny on her 96th Birthday. Granny having tea in the garden at Falcons.
Granny receives a visit from Rosemary Mankiewicz from New York. Family tea party in the garden at Falcons.
Granny's 96th Birthday lunch with salmon and glass of wine. Tea party in the garden.
Chilling out in front of the telly eating gummi-baerli Family group at The Lodge on Granny's 96th Birthday.
Mary-Ann presents Granny with a yellow chicken egg cosy. Granny with family group on the front door-step at The Lodge.
Sunday lunch in the garden with a delivery from Pizza Express. Anthony sets off back for Madrid at the end of the party weekend.
Alistair and Elizabeth after the Birthday lunch Mary-Ann and her chicken egg cosy.