Lakeside holiday in Italy with Teresa and Andrew - August 2008
Teresa and Andrew at their house in Trevignano Romano. Andrew, Teresa and Anneliese at lake-side lunch in Bracciano.
Andrew surveying the scene across Lake Bracciano. Anneliese, Andrew and Teresa prior to setting off for San Marino.
Breakfast with Corn Flakes on the patio. Going shopping at the local garden centre.
Useful reference point (nr 1) : the water trough at end of road. Useful reference point (nr 2) : free-wheeling crane up in the sky.
Anneliese, Andrew and Teresa having elevenses at the beach. Nearby hotel : excellent pool, but hotel is somewhat under-staffed.
Lake Bracciano geese with Trevignano Romano on other side. Teresa and Anneliese chilling out in Anguillara Sabazia.
View of Lake Bracciano's third town Anguillara Sabazia. There are several excellent beaches around Lake Bracciano.
Anneliese, Teresa and Andrew on the lake at Anguillara. Magnificent lakeside sunsets from patio in Trevignano Romano.
High-power Suduko lessons : but who's teaching whom? Radio Vatican's Santa Maria di Galeria transmitter site.
Photographer (but not this photo!), Teresa and Andy in Anguillara Packing up after an afternoon at the smaller Lake Martignano.