Visit to Mary-Ann & Jörg in Wels : Jan 2010
Mama and Mary-Ann go on a shopping-spree in Wels!
Mary-Ann parks the car in Wels, ready for some shopping Mary-Ann, Mama, Jörg, Walter and Uli Pfaffenzeller at front door.
Mary-Ann shows off Bump
Sorting out clothes
Mary-Ann with a local
Setting off on a shopping trip to Wels. Mary-Ann and Mama look at the latest developments at house.
At Wels station waiting for the train to Vienna Jörg, Mama and Mary-Ann at the station.
Mary-Ann and Mama outside H&M in Wels. Scrabble players after an excellent family dinner prepared by Jörg!
Mary-Ann shows off new purchases in Urban, the Wels Konditorei! Mary-Ann and Mama at the end of a chilly walk in Schleißheim.
Those shoppers in Wels, again!