Uncle Graham's 90th Birthday Party : April 2010
Uncle Graham's 90th Birthday Party was held on a bright sunny April Saturday in Chichester. Some 33 family members were present.
Kathy, James and Elise selecting a curry at the buffet lunch. Teresa and 90th Birthday-Boy Uncle Graham.
Kathy, Anneliese, Alistair and Andrew having lunch in the lounge. Rosie, Maggie and Elise as part of the hard-working kitchen team.
5 East Pallant was an excellent party venue. Mark Scanlon with Jack from New York. David and Carrie from sunny Spain.
John and Andrew having lunch in the sunshine on the patio. Anneliese (drinking orange juice), young Francis and Yana.
Olivia, Lisa (from South Africa) and Anneliese. Even sommelier-in-chief Kerr is allowed a lunch break!
Carrie and David at the piano. Two key family photos in background. Table chit-chat: Carol, Elise, Teresa, Maggie, James and Anneliese.
Auntie Monica: many family photos were on show around the house. Graham and his five children: Kathy, Rosie, John, Maggie, Carrie.
Alexander (саша) Bell from Estonia. Andrew Lawrence and Rob Scanlon. John, Alexander and Uncle Graham.
It's group photo time! Several family group photos were taken. Scanlons: Claire, Michèle, Rob, Kathy, Lisa and Rob.
Rosie shows specially prepared Graham Bell family photo album. More Bell relatives : Nigel Bell and Michael Bell with Maggie.