Mitchell Family Party - 1 Sept 2013
Thirty-one attended the September 2013 Family Party. Lorraine, Claire Monique, Carrie and Rosie.
Jörg and Anneliese prepared all the food. Ben with his second-cousin-one-removed Francis.
The food buffet for the Family Party : Sunday 1 Sep 13. Derek, Elise, Sophie, John, Dominic, Anthony & James.
Andrew, Derek, Elise, Carol and Alistair. Yana with Alexander.
Derek, John and James. Sheila, Cecilia, Dominic, Anthony and James.
Alistair and Charlie. Sally, Anneliese and Anthony.
Yana and Elizabeth. Radio room: James, James, Nigel, Anthony and Dominic.
Gazebo and bunting in the garden. Sophie, Charlie and Elizabeth.
James, Elizabeth and Charlie. Anthony, Anthony and Dominic.
John, Carol and Yana (in back-ground: Mary-Ann and Tom). The cheese and desserts table.
Francis, Alexander and Ben (watching Peppa Pig on TV). Francis, Ben (wheel-barrow) and Alexander (scooter).
Ben, Francis and Anthony with football. Elizabeth, Charlie, Tom and Mary-Ann.
Sally. Sophie, Lorraine and Derek.
Lorraine, Ben and Derek. Carol, Elise and Teresa.
Tom, Mary-Ann, Teresa and Sophie. Anthony, Alistair, Elizabeth, Charlie, Teresa, Lorraine, Derek, Carol and Elise.
Anneliese, Teresa and Sophie. Ballons show the way to the Family Party in Weybridge.