Family Christmas in Altenmarkt Kinderhotel

December 2013

Kinderhotel, Altenmarkt bei Salzburg. Ben out in the snow out on the balcony.
Ben toboggans down the small slope behind the hotel. Mary-Ann takes photos all in red.
Around one end of the Christmas dinner table Playing family games up in Room 209.
Ben and Grandma on the slope. Toboganning down the slope.... ....on a rubber ring.
Three boys: Tom (screaming), Ben and Charlie. Ben shows Charlie a new book.
Ten member family group. Mary-Ann and Ben watch the Queen's Speech on iPad.
Jörg and Tom (not screaming). Mary-Ann and Ben on toy skis. Ben, Grandma and new Friend.
Ben, Jörg and Tom. Ben, Jörg and Tom (now screaming again!)
Dinner time : Ben, Grandma, Anton and Mary-Ann. Ben, Jörg and Tom at the breakfast table.
Charlie sizes up Ben. Leaving the Kinderhotel in Altenmarkt : car and mini-bus.
Getting on the train to Salzburg at Bischofshofen station. Charlie on the train on his way to Schleißheim.