Thackeray Away-Day in Oxford : May 2015
Rupert and Richard at breakfast.
Lesley, Valerie and Anneliese.
Rupert and Tony checking the iPhones.
Tony and Jacqui.
Rupert on the river cruise.
Lesley, Anneliese, Jacqui and Nigel at Foley Bridge.
Anneliese at Foley Bridge, Oxford.
Lesley, Rupert, Jacqui, Tony and Nigel during the river cruise.
Train crosses over bridge on the river cruise.
Jacqui and Tony in the café by Foley Bridge.
Anneliese and Lesley going aboard.
Anneliese and Jacqui with a lunch hamper.
Oxford College boat houses on the River Isis.
Rupert and Tony at the Four Pillars Thames Hotel.
Rupert and Lesley on the river cruise.