Alan and Rhoda Cawthorne : Day Trip : Isle of Wight : 27 May 2015
Alan shows the map which plots their numerous sailing voyages.
Rhoda and Alan serve an excellent lunch.
Nigel, Jacqui, Alan, Rhoda and Tony on the patio.
Tony and Alan in the Isle of Wight sunshine.
George James C's seven children : George, Alan, John, David, Richard, Lorna and Elizabeth. [Precise order still needs to be checked!]
Alan and Tony at lunch.
Rhoda in the garden at Chale Green near Ventnor, IoW.
Tony, Alan, Nigel, Rhoda and Jacqui on the patio.
Alan Cawthorne.
Jacqui with Alan Cawthorne at lunch.
Tea-time at Seaview, Isle of Wight : Tony, Jacqui and Anneliese.
IoW ferry crossing : Portsmouth - Fishbourne - Portsmouth.