Mitchell Party : Chichester : October 2015
The Mitchell cousins (only Mike is missing).
East Pallant Chichester.
Twenty-three for lunch.
The Five Bells.
James, John and Carol in the kitchen.
Watching the laptop.
James, Maggie and Kathy.
Francis and Sacha.
Francis, Sacha and John.
Carrie, Kathy, Maggie and James.
A well stocked fridge.
Out on the patio.
Teresa, Kerr, Anneliese and Elise.
Francis at the window.
John and James.
John, Sacha and Francis.
Andrew, Teresa and Anneliese.
Châteauneuf du Pape.
Alistair and Kathy.
John and James.
Around the Sunday lunch table.
Francis, Ben and Sacha.
Sophie, Lorraine and Kerr.
Maggie and ??.
Elise, James and John.
Carrie shows a digitised version of some old family films.
Watching the family films.
Carol, Maggie, Sophie, Ben and Andrew.
Sherry trifle - a family favourite!
Expertly-made fried bread.
James, Elise, Anneliese, Kathy and Maggie.
Welcome to Chichester.
James at work preparing breakfast
60th Birthday Party invitation.
John - a few years earlier.
Anneliese and Kathy.
At the door.
James works on magnificent curries.
Jenny serving out the curry.
Breakfast chef James.
Maggie and Anneliese.