Visit to Bludenz : December 2015
Arriving in Bludenz
Arriving at the Hotel Traube, Braz.
Taking a dip in the pool
D'Annelies tuat Zietig (VN) lesa.... und erfährt Neuigkeiten !
Konditorei Anton Fritz
Peter Fritz
Bludenz visitors
Location of the old Café Fritz
Mülhgasse, Bludenz
Tom ready for a swim
Mühlgasse 14
Konditorei Fritz : Familientreff
Mary-Ann, Jörg, Tom and Ben.
Toni mit Kremschnitten
Ruth, Thomas, Vincent und Maya.
Mary-Ann's Lieblingskuchen.
Mary-Ann and Jörg.
Die traditionelle Nußrahmtorte.
Konditorei Fritz : Familientreff
Jörg, Tom and Ben.
Martin, Gerold und Jürgen......
........Gerold, Jürgen und Monika
Gerhard, Anneliese und Hedi.
Papa, Mary-Ann und Ruth.
Tom, Ben, Maya und Vincent
Vincent, Ruth, Thomas und Maya.
Ruth, Maya and Mary-Ann
Luise with other family members.
Tom and Ben admire Gerold's train set.
Gerold and his train set in the Weinstube.
Anneliese in the Konditorei
Hedi and Anneliese at the Traube in Braz.
Hedi, Anneliese, Toni and Mary-Ann.
Anneliese, Toni, Luise and Hedi.
Sigrid und Anneliese.
Tante Albertina und Onkel Alfred
Rail Jet back to Salzburg (and Wels)
Hotel Traube in Braz
Four book readers at the family party.
Gerhard checks carriages in Bludenz.
Gerhard leaves at Langen am Arlberg
Rail Jet arrives in Bludenz station.
Tom on the Rail Jet.
Ben on the Rail Jet
Mary-Ann and Tom (conked out in the train to Wels).