Holiday : Braz - Bludenz : July 2016
Ben, Anneliese, Mary-Ann and Tom at the Traube in Braz.
Radio Ham Walter OE9WGI, Ben, Mary-Ann, Tom and Anneliese.
On the number 90 bus from Braz to Bludenz
Up the Muttersberg
Buying tickets for the Sonnenkopfbahn.
Ben and Tom.
Tom and Ben : Sonnenkopf.
Ben and Tom.
Tom ready for sailing.
Ben on the monkey-slide.
Tom and Hedi.
Vincent and Martin.
Ben and Tom.
Here comes the number 90 bus.
Mary-Ann, Hedi, Ruth and Vincent.
In the playground on Sonnenkopf.
Sonnenkopf bear and Vincent.
Wandering around Sonnenkopf.
Maya, Vincent and Martin.
In the sand-pit.
Maya on the monkey-slide.
Martin on the raft.
Anneliese, Luise and Martin.
Maya and Vincent und ein Teller Pommes mit Ketchup.
Anneliese and Hedi.
Ben and Tom with ice-creams.
Ben, Tom and Maya.
All four with ice-creams : Tom, Ben, Maya and Vincent.
Mary-Ann and Tom.
All ready for the ride on the raft.
Waiting to get on the raft.
Tom gets lifted aboard by Grandma.
Two rafts : Mary-Ann and Martin.
Mary-Ann and Ben.
Martin, Maya and Vincent set sail.
At the lake.
Maya and Vincent in the bear's cave.
Ruth and Hedi.
Anneliese takes pictures at the Sonnenkopf.
Tom and Yampa !
Luise and Anneliese in the Sonnenkopf Seilbahn.
Ben and Tom.
Ben, Tom and Mary-Ann in the pool at the Traube.
Story-time with Grandma.
The Fritzen having a meal in the Traube, Braz.
Tony, Peter, Hedi, Anneliese and Nigel.