70th Birthday Party : Chichester : June 2018
5 East Pallant, Chichester
Two 70th Birthdays : Kathy and Nigel
James the Curry Master-Chef
Maggie, Stuart and Carrie
David and Stuart
Teresa, Kathy and Anneliese
Maggie, Carrie and Rosie
Elizabeth, Alistair, Annabelle and Charlie
Rosie, Anneliese, Teresa, Maggie, Carrie and Kathy
Sacha and Francis
Francis and Sacha sprinting
Carol, Anneliese and Rob
Plenty of Cheese
Jennie, Anneliese, Andrew, Teresa, Maggie, Rosie and James
Maggie, Kathy, Rob and Jennie
Derek, Elizabeth and Alistair
Lorraine and Elizabeth
Teresa and Rosie
Lorraine, Anneliese and Derek
James and Elise
Andrew and Teresa
Elise, Jenny, Kathy, Carrie and Rob
Through the window in the evening
Anneliese and James
Annabelle, Elizabeth and Charlie
Teresa and Andrew
Andrew and Teresa
Kathy and Rosie
Anneliese, Rosie and some bottles
Carol, Carrie and Jenny
Rob, Jenny, Maggie, Anneliese, Elizabeth, Annabelle and Alistair.
Carol, James and the Paneer Cheese
Kathy and Rob in Bosham after the 70th Party
Bosham visit : at low tide !
Elise in the café at Bosham
Two Canadian back-packers
James preparing the curries
Carol and Maggie
Kathy, Rob, Anneliese and Elise in Bosham
Rob, Kerr and Yana
Carol, Nigel, Carrie, Elise, James, Andrew, Teresea, Anneliese, Maggie, Jenny, Rosie, Kathy and Rob