Pip Sumner : 16 March 1949 - 23 July 2018
Cousin Pip (Malcolm) Sumner died on 23 July 2018.

Pip is seen here, with glasses, in the centre of the photo on the left. The photo was taken at the Mitchell family party in Weybridge in June 2005.

The full group photo is shown below and Pip is the fourth person in from the left.

Pip was a second cousin to the Mitchell Cousins.

Pip's mother Audrey (1911-1989) was the daughter of Gertrude Glasier (1883-1961). Gertrude ("Aunty Gerty") was the daughter of Kate Clancy (1852-1919). Gertrude's sister Jane (Jennie) Glasier (1879-1948) was the maternal grandmother to the current generation of Mitchell Cousins.

The present Mitchell Cousins have a great-grandmother in common with Pip, i.e Pip was our second cousin.